JR Artcast Resin (Slow) 400ml

JR Artcast Resin (Slow) 400ml

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Proudly Australian Made Epoxy Resin
Designed for casting - ideal for applications such as jewellery creation, doming, embedding, casting and filling timber voids.

Very low viscosity, UV stable, ultra clear, low to no odour, super high strength and scratch resistant. 

Pot life - Up to 40 minutes 
Repour at approximately 2 hours 
Touch dry / demould at approximately 24 hours 
Depth of pours - approx 20mm deep. Multiple pours of 20mm deep cans be poured to reach the desired depth 
Full cure at approx. 7 days 
Mixing ratio 3:1
Can be turned on a lathe, sanded & polished 

You will receive Part A + Part B 
Part A: 300mls (in a 500ml bottle)
Part B: 100mls (in a 250ml bottle)
Total kit = 400mls