Just Resin UV - UV Resin 30ml

Just Resin UV - UV Resin 30ml

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JustResin UV is a crystal clear and cures very hard under UV light or under sunlight. Perfect for small crafts such as polymer clay

Advantages of using JustResin UV

  • Fast curing, within 1-5 mins, depending on light source and depth
  • Easy applicator tube, with screw on cap & small opening pointed for accuracy
  • Ideal for jewellery projects, small silicone moulds & adhesive applications
  • Superb transparency and hardness

Usage Instructions:
Under UV torch/Lamp, depths of 1-2cm will take up to 5 mins to cure, under direct sunlight up to 10mins. Depths greater than 1-2cms. The stronger the UV light source, the quicker the curing. Keep sealed tightly & out of sunlight.

Volume 30ml